Daily Devotion 18.09.2019


“A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” – Pro. 15:1


Some years ago, the North Korea did the “Hydrogen Bomb’s Test” not only shocked the neighbors but also the worldly nations.  The reason is the hydrogen bomb is many times powerful than Atom bomb. The atom bomb that was thrown upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki by America was more powerful and horrible during World War II. But now the North Korea had tested a hydrogen bomb and tells that one nation can be spoiled into astray.  In the near future days, there will be discourses on the titles “Which one is the worst either Atom bomb or Hydrogen bomb” this will not be under surprise.  And more than these two instruments that we human beings have is more dangerous it is our tongue.


One match stick is enough to destroy one big forest.  Thus, one tongue is enough to destroy many and destroy the life span of man and will cast a man into hell.  Apostle James in his book/epistle writes very clearly about tongue.  Tongue being a small organ will talk boastful things.  Tongue is a fire.  In our body the tongue will corrupt and stain our body and burn the life circle.  And will burn the person in the hell that we read in the book of James.


And by soft words and gracious words there are people have quenched the fire of anger.  For example, Abigail wife of Nabal’s deeds are appreciable.  On account of Nabal’s violent nature David decided to destroy all the belongings of Nabal and by the deeds of Abigail big spoil was changed. (1 Samuel 25:35)


Dear loving ones in Christ! God speaks to us through today’s meditational message. “Oh! Man, you have to give account for all the vain words in the Day of Judgment” says our Lord Jesus Christ.  Before utterance comes out of your mouth be diligent and speak and avoid all the unwanted words.  Pray to control your words and tongue.

  • Jacob Sankar


Prayer Request:

Pray for our joint co-missionaries meeting and contacting villages, and for the construction of the churches in the churchless areas.


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