Daily Devotion 18.08.2019 (Kids Special)


“For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who does not have, even what he has will be taken away.” – Matthew 25:29


In a verandah of a big bungalow one dog was seen barking loll…loll, because the owner and the master of the house had proposed to go abroad.  So, he called all the servants and gave each one each responsibility.  That grateful dog started barking thinking that where his boss will go.  When the gardener, cooks and all had left; the boss called three efficient persons and gave talents to their skill.  To the first the master gave five talents, and to the next, the second person he gave two talents and to the third person he gave one talent and went on journey.


The person who got five talents went to the market.  He purchased the essential materials and did the merchandising and earned additional five talents.  He felt happy on account of hard work without being dull and lazy.  And the two-talent obtained second man did the work with his known craftsmanship by purchasing materials and did the small labor industrial work.  He worked hard without sleep in the night and earned two more talents additionally.  The third man who had obtained one talent without any effort digged the land and buried the talent in the earth.  Few years later the master came. The dog seemed grown fatty.  It barked and waggled its tail came forward as first person and welcomed the master.  The master called the 3 men and asked the accounts.  The five-talent obtained first man told that he had earned five more talents.  The master told “Super” at him.  The second man obtained two talents told that he had earned two more talents in addition. “Very good, you true servant; you had been faithful/true in the small thing, so I shall make you authority in many things” greeted the master.


The one talent obtained man said, “O! Master thinking that you are hard hearted I buried that talent.  So, get your own” said the 3rd man.  The master got very angry.  “Oh! You wicked servant, you had been lazy and did not use that was given to you! Surely, you will have punishment” scolded the master.  The master commanded to get that one talent and give it to the ten talented first men.  Did you watch through this, what we have to know?


Kids! God has provided each one each skill.  We must use it.  You must not hide your skill with fear of thought that, Woe! What others will think me? When you use your skills for Christ, He blesses and grows abundantly.

  • Jeeva Vijay


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