Daily Devotion – 18.07.2019 (Revival Special)

“…I will pour…the Spirit of grace and supplication;” – Zechariah 12:10

Pastor Andrew Murray prayed with thirst and fervently for the revival in South Africa. Every Friday he prayed whole night for revival. In the year 1858, 59 reading the news about the revival poured in America and Northern Ireland in the Dutch reformation newspaper those people gathered themselves individually and in prayer team and started to pray for the national revival.

In South Africa, Worcester’s meetings held, in that many church leaders participated as Dutch reformists to 374 members. Here Andrew Murray who was speaking on the title “Revival” began to weep touched by the Holy Spirit. He was unable to continue his preaching, his son started to lead the congregation mightily in prayer. This is the pioneer and beginning for the revival of South Africa. After 50 days that the revival spirit began catch and spread in South Africa.

The revival started in the Methodist church at Montagu; everyday night prayer for revival was started and conducted. In the early morning at 3 A.M people started to pray those who remained un-prayed so far. One Sunday evening when a young African girl prayed the Holy Spirit descended upon that prayer team. The thunder sound was heard from a distant place. Then it surrounded the building. From that time onwards they all cried and pleaded for forgiveness. That place was shaken. The meeting continued till 3 A.M.

In the church history there took big changes within few weeks. The church overflowed. In the church of Andrew 50 persons committed themselves as fulltime ministers’. People prayed extra ordinary whole night. Maximum they were convicted with sin conscience and got changed as new creature. The gospel spread very swiftly. Later the revival spread in Zambia, Cango, Uganda, Nigeria, Algeria and whole South Africa. Until 1901-1910 years unfound growth of gospelisation was found grown up during this period.

Let us pray daily for the pour out of revival shake in our Nation. Let our country Bharath very soon know Jesus.
– T. Rajan

Prayer Request:
Pray for May the Tuition Centre students who study in the Tuition centers from the field village be met with the needs of their higher education.

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