Daily Devotion 17.11.2019 (Kids Special)


“Even a child is known by his deeds, whether what he does is pure and right.” – Proverbs 20:11


Dhinesh and Suresh are twin children; they will be like of same mould shape child. Sometimes on seeing them even their own parents will not be able to differentiate them. Both of them studied in 4th standard. Dhinesh was in ‘A’ section and Suresh was in ‘B’ section. Suresh was an angry fellow and violent by nature. But Dhinesh was a loving boy and helped all.


One day both of them inter changed the class and went inside the class room telling themselves that nobody can identify them. At first nobody was able to identify them. The drawing class period came; Suresh was very much interested in drawing. Another boy just hit his hand and his picture became tilt and crook.  The pencil had fallen down and the point was broken. “Sorry” told that error done boy with sorrow. Suresh told, “What having hit my hand and slipped down my pencil you ask sorry.” and slapped him on the face. “What! Dhinesh will never hit so. It is Suresh” the class found him. For Dhinesh in ‘B’ section that day was very uneasy and hard. Nobody used to talk to him nor have friends with him. One boy stamped his leg. When Dinesh asked, “Why did you stamp my leg?” “Yesterday you stamped my leg is not it? For that it is revenge” said the boy.


At that time the class boy lost his pencil. Dinesh searched patiently and found it and gave it to the boy. “Thanks” told the boy to the alternative Suresh and looked him surprisingly. “Hi! You are not Suresh, you are Dhinesh isn’t it?” said the boy. They found that Suresh was not of helping type nature. On that day night both of them told the happenings to their father. The father said, “Yes, though you resemble the same your nature and deeds will find you out.” Suresh asked, “Dad, why I am not able to be a good boy, and I get quickly tempered!” His father tapped on his shoulder and said, “Give place to Jesus Christ in your heart. Jesus will help you.”  “Here afterwards I am going to live like Dhinesh and the child of Jesus” said Suresh. How are you?


Kids! You can be found as the child of Jesus Christ by your doing deeds Bad habits, and wrong things are all evil products of Satan. Of whose child you are going to be?

  • Jeeva Vijay


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