Daily Devotion – 17.10.2019

“They shall still bear fruit in old age; They shall be fresh and flourishing” – Psalm 92:14

My mother’s grandma Thangammal who was a widow was redeemed in her youth and lived as secret Christian for hundred years in Sivakasi. She was kind hearted and good natured to help others. Throughout night she stood on knees near one particular pillar of the house and prayed fervently for her children, family members and grandchildren and prayed each one by confessing their names for the salvation of each family. Through her prayer most of the members in our family are saved and living for God. And further God has engraced some of them to do ministry for God. We are the third generation of her today though we are diverted in many places we allot a particular day for fasting in prayer for the salvation of the family.

In the scripture there was a widow named Hannah. Though she was 84 years old she never left the temple but stayed on fasting, day and night and worshipped God. All of them those who waited for the redemption of Jerusalem talked about Him. Above all she got the blessed grace of spectating Jesus Christ and bearing the baby Jesus on her hands. Would this mother have changed herself to pray in her old age? Certainly not, she would have been habituated for praying from her youth. Yes, in her youth she became a widow but seemed to have no love, no desires for herself in her heart for the world. But her longing and thirst seemed shop up and her love overwhelmed for God Jehovah.

Today many will tell that they will pray for more hours, and attend all church services and do ministry after the relief for retirement. Thus, they may tell many such things. If we have such experiences in our youth it will come with us until the end. If we have prayer in life and thirst for God, burden for souls in our heart then it will grow. So, seek God with thirst and love burden for God. Be changed as prayer warrior for your children and your children’s children and the nations and for all the ministry meant missionaries. Yes, truly you will yield fruits even in your old age and be healthy, fatly as a green tree. May God keep you a crown of blessing to you and your descendent!
– Mrs. J. Jansirani

Prayer Request:
A construction is going on for 1000 accommodators and may your prayers be for the construction of the same and for the needs to be met.

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