Daily Devotion 17.09.2019


“He who loves silver will not be satisfied with silver; Nor he who loves abundance, with increase.  This also is vanity” – Ecclesiastes 5:10


Angel of God came to the one pleader before God for all things, always and said, “I have brought the reply to your prayer.  God has sent me to fulfill your needs.  You wake up early morning as the sunrise, and you start walking to your distance as far as you can and return before the sun set to the starting on the condition walked the distance will be yours.” Having got more enthusiasm, he started to walk then, he ran in full swing.  He ran and ran and crossed the more distance and got tired and dull.  When he was tired not to move, “yet wanted more land” greediness made him to run.  The sun started to sun set.  Seeing this he started to run towards the starting point place from his walking.  He was more tired and there was no water, and besides this the heart bet with puzzling stopped to non-operation condition.  And finally, he fell on his way and died.  The angel of God, “You fool, only 6 feet land belongs to a man in this world.  Because your greediness had taken your life to death.” said so.


Money is the most important one for our life.  We read in proverbs as advices that lazy man without work should not eat his bread and the penury and poverty will attack like armed man.  But at the same time the scripture warns against them those who are aimed at the money as their chief life.  Further the above story tells yet more and further more desired unsatisfied heart never will see the peace or happiness.


Dear ones! The covetous people will lose not only the happiness in this worldly life but also the entrance and provision of kingdom of God. We should not forget that we haven’t brought anything to this world and when we leave this world, we never take anything with us. So let us be away from the covetousness that equals the idolatry (idol worship).  In storing for the material things, wealth, jewels we race but let us not lose our daily happiness and joy.

“Now godliness with contentment is great gain.”

  • Jhansi Yacobu


Prayer Request:

Pray for May the Lord meet opposers of our ministry in the villages.


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