Daily Devotion – 17.07.2019 (Revival Special)

“…all Judah…sought Him with all their soul; and He was found by them…” – 2 Chronicles 15:15

We read about the revival that held in various parts of the world. Today we shall look into the revival that held from the scripture.

Jehu: (2 Kings 9) King Jehu was the cause to bring revival by rooting out Jezebel followers and her who had made the Israelites to backslide and go away from God and follow the Baal worship. King Jehu for God in pious and with orthodoxy for God to fulfill God’s wrath very speedily enacted to root out Jezebel and Ahab’s family without delay. When we operate speedily for God, certainly there will be change in the midst of our meetings and revival will break out.

Asa: (2 Chronicles 15) In Israel there was no true to worship in the heart of the people and there was no priest to preach them and no command book or scripture. The God’s chosen Israelites built the altar, groves and high places for idols and idol worship. See, what a backslidden state! In the days Asa, he broke the altars of the idols and made the people to return towards God. He renewed his covenant with God. And he removed his grandma Queen- Maachah who was an idolater (idol worshipper) from her position in the kingdom. Due to his pious upon staunch trust God he never gave way to his affection and feelings. All the people sought God. Hence the people did the covenant with God there rose a big revival. This prolonged till his son Jehoshaphat days for 65 years. Through this revival the tribe of Judah was saved from the wrath of God’s spoil.

Dear ones! We the cravers of revival should have the zeal of orthodox pious like there of two kings. We must not give the first place to the world and relationship and friendship, but we must be pious and stauncher for God. The courageous boldness, obedience and faith found in these two persons should be seen in us. When such things are seen in us God will use us in the revival.
– K. Benjamin

Prayer Request:
Pray for May the previous year Academic Bible college students shine as future blessings.

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