Daily Devotion – 16.09.2019
“…the base things of the world and the things which are despised God has chosen, and the things which are not, to bring to nothing the things that are,” – 1 Corinthians 1:28
It was a clay pot shop. The pots were kept in line. Then people came purchased them and went out. At the corner of the shop there was a cracked big pot. Other pots saw its pathetic face in despising and belittling manner, the pot which was not useful might have thrown it in the garbage. Very often it thought and shed tears for other pots slander.
One day a farmer came saw it around and purchased this cracked pot with demand. All other pots turned their faces aside with uttering words, “See the life of this pot that got it.” The farmer went to home and filled the pot with sand. He planted the newly bought mango seedling in a small cover and put the plant in this pot and fertilized it and poured the water and kept it in the back side of his hut. Many months passed. One day he went to his master’s garden and there he took that pot carefully and plucked that grown up mango seedling and planted it in the earth/land. Then he kept beautiful flower plants in that pot. The cracked pot was kept two feet away with flower plants for the mango plant seedling. Every day it felt delighted seeing the growth of the tree.
Many years rolled on. The birds came stayed in the tree and ate the fruits. The workers in garden rested under the tree shade. Children of the master came there plucked the fruits and tasted and ate them. Occasionally the merchants came there and purchased for more money. Seeing all these things every day the cracked pot delighted with tears of joy. Being cornered as useless I am now had come as the cause for making a fruitful tree to grown up state delighted the cracked pot.
Dear brother, sister! Are you too being discarded one in your family, school, college or working place? God will bless and exalt you from this world that had cast out you, because God’s choice is special. To exalt Joseph who was by his own brothers thrown into the pit and exalted by God, David who is being forgotten by own father becomes a king, and to exalt an orphan (motherless/fatherless) Esther to a queen for 127 countries are all God’s wish. So, you too are wanted by God. God will bless you and change you a blessing to many. Hallelujah!
– Mrs. Thavamani Vairavel
Prayer Request:
Pray for the providence of two-wheeler vehicles to the missionaries in the Odissa missionary field.
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