Daily Devotion – 16.08.2019
“…a thorn in the flesh was given to me…lest I be exalted above measure.” – 2 Corinthians 12:7
When said of thorns, it reminds us the pain as result of pocking with thorns. In the scripture thorn is being the sign of curse. (Genesis 3:18) says that thorns block generally the growth. But do you know that the thorn brings many blessings in the spiritual life of Godly man?
In 1 Samuel 1st chapter Peninnah was thorn to Hannah. But that thorn led Hannah towards the temple of God. There it made her to pour out her heart in the (altar of God) presence of God. That brought the peace in the life of Hannah and God gave Samuel and other five children to her. Since3000 years, her life being a witness and model to the most of the people.
In the life of Paul, a thorn was given to him by Satan. But through that he obtained more grace brought from God. That grace had brought God’s grace and favor in his life and God’s presence and God’s power more and more. So, Paul glorified and magnified God more and more by the thorn of grace happily.
Sarah was thorn to Hagar. So, Hagar got many favors out of that she got the chance and experience to speak to the Angel of God (in Gen.16). She got the advice from him. Through that; will of God was revealed. She got the water for her and her child in the desert. She also got the grace to be with her son.
Yes, to get so many blessings in their life they needed a thorn. Do you have a thorn in your life? Don’t be troubled. Don’t murmur. Believe that nothing will happen without God’s permission in our life. As God has allowed it, in our life, God can change that thorn as blessing. Today if anybody is a thorn in your life, thank-God for that. And pray for them. Through that, know what God desires to teach you in your life and through that God wishes to be glorified.
– K.M. Prasad
Prayer Request:
Pray for May all the needs for the Youth Camp be met and may God raise up the helping hands for this camp.
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