Daily Devotion – 15.11.2019

“…that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me.” – Philippians 3:12

One dog used to boast itself that it could do anything whenever it is looked at. One day the dog which chased a rabbit could not catch the rabbit. All other dogs saw and mocked at this dog. But that dog told the other dogs, “One thing you have forgotten. The rabbit to save it’s life, but I chased it on jolly mood with fun.” said the dog. In this funny story there is one important thing is the content. The more we strive with hardship that much will be our efforts and force.

The reason dog could not catch the rabbit is that it chased it for fun. Catching the rabbit was not the important work. But for the rabbit it was the life losing matter. Either death or life was it’s problem. All achievement begins from ambition. “Whatever things we desire in life we can get it through ambition” writes William Booth. We have more desires. We must study well and score good marks and see good work and exalt to higher status and pray very well and read the scripture…. Thus, there are many desires accumulated persons in the fields. God is mighty to accomplish the desires. But we must whether we have the zeal to obtain the providence of God.

To achieve your desire, mere zeal is not enough. That desire must glove in burning and become zeal and acquire that is being accomplished by the grace of God. Yes, let us rely upon God who is mighty to do all things. And run the race holding His hand with His strength. May God change the desire as zeal and lead us in the life of joy. Amen!
– L. Alagarsamy

Prayer Request:
Pray for May the Lord bring already planned children to the Children’s camp that is to be held tomorrow in Ariyalur and needs to be met for the same.

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