Daily Devotion – 15.09.2019 (Kids Special)
“…God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” – Romans 5:8
Hello! Kids children! How are you? Do you have in mind the last week story? Not only hearing the story but we must know the theme and try to live. Alright, come let us hear the story.
In a country there was a king and queen. The king loved the queen. But the queen did not understand love of the king but she used to be in more temperance of anger and fretting. She grew a parrot and lovingly and compassionately. Do you grow pets in your house? Just tell what are they? Dog, cat, parrot and duck…. oh! Super. You call with nick names/pet names, isn’t it? Thus, the queen named Rosy to the parrot and called it. The parrot will repeat what the king and queen taught it. When the people come to palace the parrot used to speak come… come…welcome to the visitors in the palace. Hearing this all will be delighted.
One day the angry queen thought to trouble the king charted a plan. She thought to tell him to do the impossible thing by him. In that area getting the other color roses except white color is not very easy. So, the queen went to the king and demanded the red rose. And further she demanded to receive it before 11 A.M morning. The king ordered the servants to find it and bring it to the queen whom he loves more. Everyone started to search on for red rose in various places and sides for the getting of valuable gift from the king. They did not get anywhere. The time showed morning 10.50 A.M. Nobody had returned. The parrot which noticed all these things flew over and sat on thorns of white rose tightly closed. The blood started to ooze out from its body and covered the white rose and it was changed to red rose. It carried the rose in its peak and flew towards the palace and dropped the rose, on the lap of the king and fell down on the floor. The queen came running and lifted the parrot. The parrot died shedding its blood and the queen, on seeing this was heart melted by the love of parrot. She felt worried for her anger and fretting for she had been the cause for the loss of the parrot.
Dear kids! Thus, if we had sinned and become bad children, think about Jesus Christ who had shed the blood to its last drop for us on the cross and died! How great is this love of Christ. Just think. Ok, dears!
– Sis. Victoria
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