Daily Devotion – 15.08.2019
“…you shall anoint for Me the one I name to you.” – 1 Samuel 16:3
In the 17th and 18th centuries churches in England were sunk into spiritual darkness. That darkness had gripped England as clouds of sin. God was concerned to meet the nation. God touched the man of God and the youth John Wesley as apostle. Afterwards he prayed many hours with lamentation and mourning for his salvation. He often used to pray as, “God save me or take me (take my life).” Through the salvation provided by God; there took great changes in him. Later he established an institution in the name “Holy Club”. Once he started to preach the message as chorus/song, the Psalm 100th chapter in the open market place. First 4 persons started to hear his preaching and, in the end, more than 1500 members gathered. The anointing of God that was upon John Wesley brought great change in country of England. The lifeless churches got filled with fire spiritually, the changes that were in the churches brought big convention in the nation. A youth who was filled with the spirit of God became the blessing not only to the churches, but also to the Nation.
In the Holy Scripture we read about a youth in 1Sam.16th chapter we read about David who was filled with anointing. The anointed David as a youth was used as a blessing vessel to whole country of Israel. In the Valley of Elah he defeated Goliath easily, this we read in the scripture. Filled with the spirit of God, David spoke with faith ardently not with unfaith words. For being a good man of God and as the supreme king of Israel the anointment of God was the cause.
Today our nation celebrates its 72nd Independence Day. May the Lord God anoint today’s participant youths in our Youth revival Meeting as David and Wesley for which let us pray fervently. In the nation for the rise of ardent servants of God and, rise up as good political leaders, our youths must be anointed in the spirit of God is the must. May the Lord shower later day’s spiritual rain upon the youths today!
– P. Jacob Sankar
Prayer Request:
Pray for May the Lord use mightily the speakers in the Youth Camp.
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