Daily Devotion – 14.10.2019

“…I should boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ,” – Galatians 6:14

A question was asked to an elder, honest, faithful minister of God. “Hundreds of songs of yours are being voiced in all hamlets and nearby villages. And they have occupied high place in the midst of Christians mind. When your name which goes to the climax of fame when it is enquired with utterance to the pastors and believers all they remark, “You are a humble man” what is the secret behind it?” asked the reporters. The elder minister replied, “What is there in me to be exalted? Nothing, regarding my voice I do can speak big about to exalt. When I wished to join in the choir I was more commented and exposed to be with donkey voiced. All I have, belongs to God, I have nothing” said the Godly man.

St. Paul says, he will boast about the cross of Christ alone. This worldly wealth, position, boastfulness all are nothing before the cross of Christ but they are being as dust and garbage. “I consider all things as loss and dust and garbage in knowing of the knowledge of Christ.” writes Paul in his epistle. Who is Paul? He is a very good educated scholar. If he had to be boasting himself, he had many great qualities for. But seeing the cross of Christ and his hanging on the cross all my special qualities are nothing before the cross of Christ remarked St. Paul.

Dear ones! Do we think great of us? Do our beauty luxurious life, qualification degrees, wealth and popularity has occupied our mind without any fading? If so there is one truth lies behind it, that is we have not learnt or known about the Love of Cross of Christ. That is we have not known the love of Christ to mustard size! Nobody will have anything to boast before Christ who had sacrificed and deprived the worldly fame with bearing the sign of shame for us. Let us pray for such Christ’s nature to dominate every one of us.

Overwhelmed earned wealth
High profiled education
On looking at the cross
All the boastfulness is mean
On amazing Christ, the King
Your cross is my boastfulness.

– T. Samuel

Prayer Request:
Pray for May the Lord raise up the sponsors and partners to support Rs. 5000/- offering for the missionaries.

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