Daily Devotion – 14.08.2019

“…Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things.” – Luke 10:41

Love of money is the root cause of all sins; thus, the root cause of all sorrows/worries is dullness. The dull creating root starts from worries. There is none in the world without worries. From King to Pauper, Prime minister to Peon all does worry. When we worry about a thing what have to know about it is the two things that are imbibed in it will be useful.

What we can’t change: We can’t change some things in our life. Suppose, one of our close relatives is suddenly demised /expired that will affect us more. We worry about that. That we can’t change. So, to be more inclined with God will be intelligent.

What we can do is: We can change things that happened in our life. For example, if failed in the interview, to change it victoriously creative actions to be taken not to be sunk in the sea of worries. In a house it was stated with words as follows were, “Whatever you can change, try to change it. What you can’t change you forget about it. Don’t think about it even in the dream.”

Thus, the worries were in various kinds, the medicine for all worries is sitting in the feet of the Lord. God told this advice to Martha. Mary sat in the feet of the Lord Jesus. With fretting she complained to Jesus to join Mary with Martha in the domestic work. For that Jesus told, “You worry vainly for many things. Do you know what do you need? Be still on my feet and hear my words. This is the medicine for your worries.”

We readers of this article too imagine vainly for small, small things, will this happen or that will happen, with worries. So, we get dull and scare of our thoughts without doing the things that can be done easily.

If so, what we have to do? Whatever may be our worries let us lay down the worries in the feet of the Lord. Further if we work more without giving time for worries, we will sleep before we start to worry.

“…do not worry about tomorrow…Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” (Matthew 6:34)
– Bro. Panner Selvam

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