Daily Devotion 14.07.2019 (Kids Special)


“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” – Psalm 119:105


“Joy, John, do you finish your homework? Come let us complete the family prayer and then eat” their mother called them. After their homework they seated for the family prayer. After few songs; taking one chapter and reading one by one verse from the Bible was their schedule.  On that day while the Bible reading was going on Joy snatched her brother’s Bible. Immediately her mother ordered her, “Take your Bible and read, don’t snatch your brother’s Bible.”  “For today I shall read this Bible” said Joy.  Her father politely stated, “Grandma gave you a new Bible as gift isn’t it? Take that Bible and read, daughter”.  Joy felt that her Bible should not be dusted.  “It is so nice to see in brand new condition.” said Joy very calmly and dearly.


On that day they read her brother’s Bible and completed family prayer.  The mother thought to make understand Joy.  On the next day Joy felt very hungry. Slowly she came to kitchen and peeped into it. There the rice was placed white on the table and drumstick sambar gravy; chicken fry and peeled out mangoes were kept on the table… Seeing these things saliva began to drop out of her tongue for taste and hunger kindled her more.  Joy told, “Mother, come soon and put me meal.”  Her mother came hurriedly, “See how beautiful this food is, if I share it the beauty will diminish.” said the mother.  Immediately Joy understood that. She felt ashamed for her previous day action and bowed her head. “How food is essential for good health so much essential is reading the Bible to make live a good child.” taught her father lovingly to the child.  Realizing her fault, Joy told, “Ok, mom here after I shall not keep the Bible for beautiful showy purpose, but every day I shall read the Bible and live as per the scripture.”  Immediately John said, “Mother I am very hungry, put me meal.”   Her mother smilingly served the food.  In the competition for eating, “you or I”, the chicken pieces disappeared to exhaustion.


Kid brother and kid sister, like Joy don’t keep your Bibles in Almirah for beauty show, but you must read the scripture daily and love Jesus and desire to live like that. What! You will do it isn’t it, Very good.

  • Jeeva Vijay


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