Daily Devotion – 13.11.2019
“…Yet My people have forgotten Me days without number.” – Jeremiah 2:32
One night, the hand of the clock was crossing over eight. That mother began to loiter in the house here and there she began to notice the cell phone and time. She sat on the chair and was thinking something and with tiredness lay to sleep. She felt as if the phone rings and took the phone. No incoming call came. She started to cook. Her ears expected the voice of the phone call. Because her daughter who was with her for many years got married and went afar to stay. That mother had the expected cravings for a phone call from her daughter!
Now, it is 10.15 by night. So, she called her daughter of her own. But her daughter said, “Mother I am very busy, I shall talk to you tomorrow” and cancelled the call. Hearing this, mother was filled with tears in her eyes. She went to sleep with worries for avoiding talk with me how much work she had thought the mother in her heart. At that time God began to entangle with her. “How eagerest you are that your daughter should talk to you daily with expectation. Because she did not talk to you how you feel painful. Thus, you are, I am and I expect you to talk to Me. Do you talk to Me? You run always after family, ministry, work very busily. I am very much painful with expectation waiting for your talk to Me” said God the Lord.
Beloveds! We look at God as miracle worker, helper, protector and feeder. Do we see God as talking loving father with us (discussing) daily? We hope, we believe God, and we call God for our needs. All things are ok! Do we talk with God daily? If we ask this question to our self, the answer of the most will be no! This daughter loved her mother and thought of her mother is true in the midst of her work. But her mother expected her daughter should talk with her! Yes, let us wait and stay in the feet of God and have close relationship with God. This what our God expects from us.
– V. Christy
Prayer Request:
Pray for our Bible College students that they may become good missionaries.
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