Daily Devotion – 13.10.2019 (Kids Special)

“The end of a thing is better than its beginning;” – Ecclesiastes 7:8

Hello kids! How are you? Are you alright! You are special to father Jesus Christ. To whomsoever the needs are special you are more special to Jesus. Until you are kept healthy and safe alive is by the love of God. So, you should not forget to thank God daily.

There was a boy named Selvan, he will attend the Sunday school regularly. He will hear all the songs and stories carefully that are caught in the Sunday school. He will shed tears remembering the blood of Christ that was shed on the cross with thanks. He made a decision in his boyhood, “I will grow a big man and will do ministry for Jesus Christ.” The years passed very swiftly. Selvan with good marks finished his higher education. Many people thought delightfully Selvan will go to higher position.

Thus, whatever he desired he got it. Little by little he forgot Jesus. Good job, handful of salary, car facility all things made him to forget his boyhood love which he had upon Jesus Christ. One day he had finished all his work and went to hotel to have dinner. Unexpectedly a lorry came from opposite side dashed on the car of Selvan. Selvan was taken to the hospital. He strived for life. Selvan thought about his boyhood decision that he made to serve the Lord. He prayed in his heart to Jesus Christ, “Give me life, that I will do ministry for you.” In few hours he went to coma stage. The relatives thought that Selvan would die. But little by little his health had improved. In few months he was improved to good health. He woke up and walked with good health to the astonishment to the doctor, nurse and relatives. Even today he lives as a witness by doing ministry to God.

Dear brother sister, what you take in your small age decision and commitment and your love kept upon Jesus in the long run days may come to forgetfulness. But Jesus will not forget it anymore. Don’t forget the love of Jesus Christ until the end even if you are exalted to high position, but live for Jesus Christ as a witness, ok. Then you can get the living crown from God.
– Sis. Deborah

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