Daily Devotion – 13.07.2019 (Revival Special)

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” – John 8:32

God in many ways to renew and resurrect his people’s spirituality is known through the history of churches. Have you heard about a sermon which had led the church congregation towards the revival? The God’s man Jonathan Edwards fire filled God’s words had been the cause for the repentance of many people. The famous American preacher Jonathan Edwards preaching’s held in the place Enfield had brought a big revival.

In the year 1741 July 8th Jonathan preached in the place called Enfield. The topic of the sermon was “Sinner in the hands of wrathful God”. His sermon was based on Deut.32:35 verse. From the beginning, of the preaching Holy Spirit began to entangle powerfully with all. Most of them those who heard his message were pricked for their sins with tears of mourning in the house of dead which resulted to many people’s repentance. In a time, the pastors seated in the stage had fallen down on the floor and started to weep. One pastor among them holding the robe of Jonathan Edwards mourned and wept, “Will not this wrathful God show His mercy? Alas! Will He forgive me?” was the lamentation. Thus, the Holy Spirit started revival fire and began to spread the whole nation.

Thus, when we read in the scripture about Prophet Jeremiah the blunt hearted and blunt minded Israelites were warned for their sins. The prophetic message of Jeremiah had brought big convention to those days Israelites. God’s words like fire came out from the heart inside of Jeremiah are read by us in the Bible. For the blunt minded and blunt hearted people if thus words of fire are provided to the people it will be good. May the Lord rise up Jonathan Edwards and Jeremiah like Holy Spirit fire filled revival preachers in our Nation. Amen!
– P. Jacob Sankar

Prayer Request:
Pray for, may our newly admitted Academic students in our ministry field grow in the knowledge of the Lord and education.

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