Daily Devotion – 12.11.2019

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication,… let your requests be made known to God;” – Philippians 4:6

In the times of world war second Kenneth ware the missionary couple gave custody and refuge to many Jews who were tortured by German Nazis. Later they were found and kidnapped to Switzerland. One Saturday morning his wife came to him and asked money for she had to buy some materials in the shop. When Kenneth told, “I don’t have any penny / paise coin,” that mother (his wife) went inside the room. In few hours when Kenneth went closer to that door of the room found his wife praying voice and noticed for a minute. “Father, for food we are in need of 5-pound potatoes, 5-pound (bread) flour, apples, pear, carrots, cauliflower. Only you must provide these things.” She prayed like a small child and with faith concluded of which company brand of flour she should get. Hearing this Kenneth became quiet.

About 11.30 hours the house door was knocked. A youth with a smiling face stood near the door and asked, “Are you Mrs. Kenneth? What you have asked I have brought you here.” “There is an error had happened. I have not ordered anything! In this apartment 25 houses are there. You have come here by mistake.” said Mrs. Kenneth. “I have brought what you have asked” said the youth with firmness and spread the materials and started to get down from the upstairs. When Kenneth went near the window and saw the foot path and found there was none. When she went to kitchen, she found all the materials and items present for what she had prayed. The flour packet was of the same company product which she had specified in her prayer. She was surprised to see God had sent an Angel to provide her demands and needs and then the Kenneth couple praised God for the prayer was answered.

You readers of this incident! Now for, which and what you are worried? Convey your sorrows to God. He will do miracle in your worried status and things. Not only has He heard the prayer that also answers your prayer. He will provide helps in the appointed time and lead us miraculously.
– Mrs. Jothy Ananth

Prayer Request:
Pray for May the power of God be revealed in today’s deliverance Fasting prayer meeting in the midst of participants in Virudhunagar.

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