Daily Devotion – 12.09.2019
“So, we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another.” – Romans 12:5
It was a carpenter’s wood items kept shed. The carpenter was out on some work. No sooner he went out, all the tools joined together for a discussion to each other by criticizing one another who is greater among them. Looking at the hammer other tools began to tell that, “You sound more/shout more and you must not be here.” The hammer seeing the chisel said, “only the chisel to be driven from here, he attacks all of us with his sharpness.” The chisel accused the measurement scale in the anger, “He always measures everyone that we must be like this and like that.” The measurement scale accused the screw driver that “It must be removed from the unity. The screw driver winds up the others.” Lastly all the tools saw the jack plane and remarked “You do the shallow work. No hard work.” They began to criticize each other. Suddenly they heard the sound of the carpenter entering into the room and they kept quiet. The carpenter came. He took the hammer and chisels and chopped the wood and polished with jack plane and screw driver to a beautiful cross after measures. Then he submitted himself to die on the cross.
Who is the carpenter? He is our Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus Christ reminds us to very often to remember this above quoted parable. The meaning of this parable is that every person who is closely associated with Christ has strength; and a weakness. It is not essential that all must be like all. We must not expect so.
There will be persons with differences in our working place, in the place of ministry field or in gatherings or in the family. We must have it in mind that God unites such persons. It is wrong to expect others to work like me. God has united to do various needful persons to do one mission or work. In the Bible, church is compared to the body of Christ. Let us have this in our mind and change the narrow mindedness. Let there be wide heart with love in us always.
– J. Santosh
Prayer Request:
Pray for the newly admitted (united) persons in the Ragland Bible College may be operated as sharp tools in the hand of God.
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