Daily Devotion 12.07.2019 (Revival Special)


“Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth for Your possession.” – Psalm 2:8


Yet there are revival fire burns in the place is Korea. The border of Korea is China in the opposite border is Russia. Between these 2 doors it seems one Korean lamp was embraced by the hands of God and is amazed with revival means; it won’t mean less.


The biggest church in the world is in the South Korea in the city of Seoul. In this church more than 5 lakhs congregation filled the church. Every month the baptized members were to 5000 in numbers! What is the secret of revival?  Asked the pastor of church, “The Prayer” said the pastor. Everywhere prayer, always prayer this is the secret of Korea. Korean practiced the prayer as life.  The church seemed always opened.  The people will gather at 4 A.M to thank and praise God.


Paul Yonggi Cho was the anchor and root for Korea revival.  As he was a small Buddhist boy, he was sick and weak went near to the door of death.  The doctor who had checked Paul Yanggi Cho and concluded him a cancer patient, both lungs were eroded. And the doctor told death will reach in few days. Cho was crying in bed in a pathetic state, the small Christian girl told him “Jesus will heal you” He scourged her “Get out you Christian dog”.  But without tired continuously urged him for 5 days and on the 5th day she kept a New Testament on the bed and went away. With hesitatingly Cho took the book read gospel of Jesus and miracle of Jesus and he saw a hope in him. He closed the door of the room and wept with prayer fervently without lapses and tiredness. Suddenly Jesus entered his room with blood on his in the crown of thorns on head and hands and touched Cho and healed him. From that day onwards his sick bed state disappeared. Later he became the head pastor of the Korean church.  When he was filled in the spirit of God, the spirit of God operated him for his glory.


Prayer is the foundation for revival.  Spirit of prayer is the investment for convention. Either in the New Testament and in history church prayer was and is the pioneer of revival. In the book of Acts in first – two chapters we read 3000 people were saved and gathered into church. There the church congregation prayed and spirit of God worked. We can’t separate prayer and revival.  If no prayer, no revival. Let us pray fervently continuously and see the revival.

  • Anitha Alagarsamy


Prayer Request:

Pray for may the youths be changed by God as full-time ministers, part time ministers, one-hour prayer ministers and prayer team leaders.


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