Daily Devotion – 11.11.2019

“It is good for a man to bear the yoke in his youth.” – Lamentations 3:27

The ploughing bull when it is outside the land will do to its own free nature. It will jump thinking as if liberties in this world. After to landing in the field, the bull was arranged for ploughing with ploughing tools on it without able to do anything, it will hear the voice of the master and will come under his control. For the sowing of the seeds in fields, it will make the land fit from the hard soil path through tilling by bearing the tools on its back neck. Thus, was the life of Joseph in the Bible! Though many yokes were kept upon Joseph the Lord was with Joseph. Hence Joseph bore the yoke that was kept him for 13 years as the scripture speaks, it is better to bear the yoke in the youth that became good in his life. Yes, Joseph became chief authority of Egypt as Prime Minister of the nation.

Youth readers of this article what is your yoke? Are you being enslaved by others, or many people’s words have subdued you, or have bent you, or your faith kept upon God is considered as madness? Whatever may be, certainly God will exalt you. He who called you is faithful. If God looks you as Joseph, the pit for thrown you into it and the prison, as bondage will be a safety place. If God looks you as Daniel the Den of lion/cage of lion is a safety place. Be there patiently. God is not an unrighteous father to forget your faithfulness and pious. Be still and know that I am the God, says the Lord.

If a man lifts, he can lift to his height. But if God lifts, he will lift you to His (God’s) height. There is a mighty big hand is spread on earth. Be still and patient for a little while. He will lift you in the appointed time.
– K. Deborah

Prayer Request:
Pray for today’s full-time missionary meeting and for renewal in the Holy Spirit and prophetic gifts.

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