Daily Devotion – 11.10.2019

“But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles,” – Isaiah 40:31

In these modern days, waiting time is reduced in many places and works are being made easy. Now we need for withdrawing money from bank when ATM card is inserted in the ATM machine
the needed withdrawal amount expels out. Previously when for taking tickets in the railway, the passenger had to wait and stand in queue for hours. But now from the home onward online booking is made easier for railway ticket in few minutes. And further in future in many plans will chart to lessen the waiting time. More than previous time nowadays the waiting time will be reduced for waiting in future is no doubt. But waiting in the Lord never will get changed. For believers due to heavy load of works waiting on the Lord for hours can be reduced has no chance for excuse/advice/suggestion to lessen the waiting hour’s time for the Lord. We can’t change the words of God for the anytime present, past and future sake. If we wait on the Lord like eagles, we can get new strength. We can’t do anything against the waiting experience. Knowing this we don’t opt time in the feet of God. We are all running very busily and hurriedly.

Waiting for something in a queue makes us more tension. But if we don’t wait on the Lord, we will get more tension even for the least thing. If we go without waiting on the Lord without the blessing and strength, we may have to meet the problems and failures. Without waiting on the Lord running after the works and led into tensions. Finally, they are led to wait for the doctor. I am not telling this to frighten you. Wait on the Lord and you will see the things are becoming easier.
– Mrs. Buvana Thanabalan

Prayer Request:
Pray for the abundant blessings of God to the family and supporters of our ministry through prayer and their offerings and sponsorship.

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