Daily Devotion – 10.11.2019 (Kids Special)

“…ask, and it will be given to you; …. For everyone who asks receives,” – Luke 11:9, 10

Hello kids! Are you all fine? Like you Arun named 2nd standard studying brother every week will attend the Sunday class. Jesus Christ had accomplished more miracles in the life of that brother. In that we are going to hear one true incident. Are you ready?

Arun did not have mother. For him all was his father. His father earned as porter lifting up bags and he educated Arun. On his everyday’s little earning his father will buy food for night supper for 2 persons. For lunch he will eat in the day care Centre. On Monday the teacher came and enquired who else had not bought the school on payment of rupees ten. The teacher strictly told those who had not bought the school badge should buy quickly, otherwise should enter into the class room.

The moment Arun came to the house, he told his father he wanted rupees Ten to buy the school badge in the next day. His father told, “I will give you tomorrow morning while going to school.” Hence Arun had to go far away to school, his father used to drop him in the school in his bicycle. On that day while Arun was going to school, he told his father, “You have not given rupees ten yet.” His father told, “Alas! I did not bring rupees ten, I don’t have money. What to do” with worries. Immediately Arun said, “Father don’t worry, our Sunday school sister said, whatever you want you ask Jesus and he will provide. I shall ask Jesus” he asked Jesus. At that time one raven flew upon him and dropped one thing. When they saw it, for Arun and his father it was astonishment. What happened, what is that do you know? Arun’s school badge. Immediately Arun’s father told, “Jesus Christ had provided you, what you asked really.” What a surprise kids!

You may think what such things may happen. In the Bible you can read the raven fed Elijah with bread and meat proves. All creatures will obey the commandment/words of God. What is your need? If you pray to Jesus certainly, He will provide surprising answers.
– P. Steve Matthew

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