Daily Devotion – 10.10.2019

“But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace toward me was not in vain;” – 1Corinthians 15:10

John Newton was born in pious family. Being 12 years old he worked under his father who was a captain of ship. After 6 years he joined the navy and worked there. When he tried to run away from navy for heavy work he was caught. The (navy force) sailors treated him without mercy they slagged him severely. The escaped Newton became a slave trader. Afterwards his life became worse. One day when the ship moved on voyage it seemed to sink due to tempest. Being gripped in fear on that day night, he knelt and prayed with vows if God saves his life he will commit himself for ministry of God. God saved him miraculously. Later John Newton became a minister of God and master of poems who had composed 200 songs with lyrics. In that song, “Astonishing Grace” was the powerful song and it more famous. “Ah, redeemed sinners like me, Oh grace! I was lost and I am found. Had been blind but now I see.” thus he wrote many songs from his life experience.

Thus, there are many who are redeemed by the grace of God as per the scripture. The grace of God changed Saul as Paul. God had saved the foolishly lived St. Paul against God and gave him honorable ministry. So, when Paul says, “But by the grace of God I am what I am” says very boldly, firmly and humbly.

Dear ones! To us the unfit God showing mercy is grace. Thus, God saves us the unfit/unqualified by His grace. Nobody can say that “God has saved me by seeing my good deeds” in this world. All is by God’s grace! So, God can save anybody (It is possible God can save anybody). To which stubborn violent person you are praying for? Sometimes you may have doubts if they will be redeemed? Don’t be troubled. God will touch one day because of His grace. That day will be their Day of Salvation. God’s grace that had changed John Newton and Paul is enough to change the surrounded people around us.
– Mrs. Saroja Mohandas

Prayer Request:
Pray for the follow up ministries that held in Tirunelveli youth camp participants.

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