Daily Devotion – 10.09.2019
“For the good that I will to do, I do not do; but the evil I will not to do, that I practice.” – Romans 7:19
Once a youth came to Dr. Billy Graham and said, “Sir the sins are over coming me. I often fall into sins. When I come to the meetings and worship, I decide to live Holy life. But after few days again I fall into sins.”
Billy Graham laughingly said, “Suppose you have a donkey. While you lead it that falls into a big pit, you strive and lift it up. Again, it falls into the same pit… and again and again in the next week the same will be the status as the same! Then what you will do? One thing you will cover or close the pit or you will change its way. Thus, you will close the pit in which you will save yourself or change your way. Then you will be saved from sufferings and pains.”
You youth! And virgins! You too are the persons as donkey continuously falling into the pit? If the pits are kept waiting for you on your way to pull you inside, first you decide to close that pit. With quick decision and fasting and leave the sinful life. Whatever thing that attracts you to sin, you leave it immediately. Many of the people will not have the desire to close the pit in which very often they fall. They will not have desire to overcome the sins by resisting them.
If you don’t have desire to leave the sin the victorious life is not possible. The world may celebrate some triumphant people as heroes. But your daily really facing problems and warring against the sins, then you are the real hero! Falling and climbing experience very often is the cause, for your un-hating condition at the sin and it is against God’s immediate hatred to it. So, let us guard our self-holy, very swiftly and live victoriously.
– Mrs. Anitha Alagarsamy
Prayer Request:
Pray for may all the participants in the Fasting Prayer Meeting that is held today at Virudhunagar be blessed by God.
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