Daily Devotion – 10.08.2019
“…be sure your sin will find you out.” – Numbers 32:23
In this world there is nothing like sin that pulls a man towards its stickiness. Many become slave to that by yielding to sin. Some resist and strive against sin and overcome sin. But many have question in their minds why not we do the unwanted things that we don’t like. Life is to live why not so we live with enjoying and experiencing all things? This is the only life we have why we have so much control? There are people who think of enjoyment in this world life as they desired and to think of the other things in the latter days in their old age. In this article let us see about, “Why should not we do sins?”
Because my sin will not please God and also see how it does will always grieve my beloved who loves me.
• Small & little sin will make way to big sin.
• Now satisfying and delighting sin in my heart as the time goes on (in further more days of life) will burden my heart.
• Sin is the least delight and enjoyment but eternal loss.
• My stubborn, perversive sin will stir and tempt others to do sin.
• My sin will block others; hinder others in the knowing about Jesus Christ.
• My God never hears my sinful living prayer.
• The sin steals my good conscience from me.
• The sin spoils my place, rest of quietness, peace of mind and sound health.
• The conviction of sin and guilty conscience will kill inch by inch the man.
• Sin makes me against God an enemy.
• The wages of sin is eternal death.
• The sin that I do will lie in the door step of my house.
• If I live continuously in sinning though I am alive physically, I am dead spiritually.
Dear ones! The desires for Holy life will give hatred for sinning, gives heart to hate the sin. A man without this desire will ask why should I not do the sin? Let us guard diligently our heart and mind without the thought and mind for sinning.
– Selected
Prayer Request:
Pray for May the Lord Pre-fix the ministers for full time ministry, part time ministry and one hour ministry and rise up ministers for the above said.
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