Daily Devotion – 09.10.2019

“…Thus, says the Lord…I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears;” – Isaiah 38:5

King Hezekiah ruled the kingdom of Israel. He did the righteous rule as what God wished. He was more pious and ardent for God. God blessed him. Suddenly he was affected by an incurable disease. So, he went to death bed condition. At that time God sends Prophet Isaiah, and said to him, “Set your house in order, for you shall die and not live.” Hezekiah heard this and prayed with tears. He opened all his heart to God. He confessed all his honesty, good things, and righteous life before God and prayed. God saw the tearful prayer of Hezekiah and pitied him and had mercy upon him. God called again Prophet Isaiah to tell good news to King Hezekiah. God healed King Hezekiah and increased his span of life to 15 years extension. And further, “I shall deliver you and your city from the hands of King Assyria” had God promised through Prophet Isaiah. Finally, Hezekiah’s tears got a sign from God for that.

Yes, the tears of Hezekiah king which was poured before God had been the cause of change for the blessing. God had saved him from death. Added his span of life, and gave protection to the city. It gave the sign from God. Today, we to in our life if we face such problems and strings of sufferings, when we pray with tears of true heart, certainly God will change our situations. Yes, the tears of sorrow will bring the change of blessings.

Yes, we can open closed door with the tear of key. By the tears of prayer, the blocked womb was changed to blessing. Streams of water will be flushed out from the desert. For that Hannah and Hagar’s tearful prayer are good example. Yes, there is certainly an answer for your tears. They are in the heavenly accounts. They are bottled as savings in the accounts of heaven! Yes, above all our God looks after our tears isn’t it? So, there is an answer of blessing for your tears. Be not troubled!
– K.M. Prasad

Prayer Request:
Pray for House Church rise ups through the house church ministry training camp participants for the revival.

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