Daily Devotion – 09.09.2019
“…have not love, I am nothing.” – 1Corinthians 13:2
1. Like God has compassion over me, if I don’t have compassion upon the people who entangle in my life, that is I have not realized the love of Calvary.
2. If I am easily arguing others wrongs and sins that means I have not realized the love of Calvary.
3. Noticing others fault, if I am with dejection and reporting spirit, “They are always like that and they always do so, and she will always speak so, and whatever he does he will do so” if I do remark so I have not realized the love of Calvary.
4. For very finely accomplished work, if I wish or expose-self, “I am I have done” desire to public spectation means I have not realized the love of Calvary so far.
5. By gathering friends for self-esteem in the working place, church and if I have that the persons in the ministries are not desirable, such thought condition has created in the midst of them; I have not realized the love of Calvary.
6. When others talk ill of me, if I am not able to be quiet without any talk, I have not realized the love of Calvary, is my state.
7. Instead of loving others, if I desire more to be loved by others. And instead of doing service to others, liking others service to self means, I have not realized the love of Calvary.
When we mourn with agony “Pour Your love upon me” in our hearts the Lord of Calvary love will pour His love. Thus, waiting for our agonizing prayer and for our holding desires for Calvary love, the Lord Jesus Christ will be delighted. Because God never shows his concern upon, shallow hearted people’s prayer “I want the love of God.” God seeks the people of whole hearted and prime position for God in the heart. So, you readers of this article, if you have such zeal for God, God is more desirous to provide the love of Calvary to us.
Blessed are they that hunger and thirst for the love of Calvary, they will be satisfied with that!
– Madam Amy Carmichael
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