Daily Devotion – 08.10.2019

“…O Lord, you have increased the nation; You are glorified;” – Isaiah 26:15

One parent had a nice daughter. She is clever in studies from her childhood. She took first marks in all. When she came to 10th standard and her headmaster advised her to take more care in studies, and to take the first rank in the state and add the fame to the school. If she becomes first in the state her name and the reporting’s will be published in the newspaper and TV program will be flashed out, encouraged her headmaster. The girl came home and dreamt as if she had been reporting to the television programming. Being slept with the same thought at night did not get early in the morning till 8 AM. When her mother woke her up, she was unconscious. Parents got shocked and took her to the hospital. All manner of treatments was given to her. When they waited for the result, the doctor came with result that she lost her 99.9% of memory power and only 1% is left in her memory for action. The heart of the parents was broken. She had to take daily 45 tablets. Then and there she went to school and used to put her attendance in the class. Though she attended school when the lessons went on with teaching she will be sleeping in the class. The consequence of the tablets was the cause! One day her headmaster called and told to stop her schooling for the goodness of the school for the hike of the school academic result. Hearing this she was dejected.

The month of January started to bud out she told her mother to bring the books and prayed, “God I have only 1% memory. I commit it in your hand. As you blessed the 5 breads and 2 fish with multiplication, bless my memory in increase” she prayed with tears. Every day she put another chair near her and asked Jesus to sit on it. She wrote in all her books and confessed; “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” She studied for 2 months and wrote the exams. She told it is enough if she passes/promotes in 3rd class with worries to her parent. The examination result came out. She received the telephone call from the school, it uttered, “You are the first mark in the school.” She jumped in joy with praising God. Then she learnt more about medicines and became physician and did the ministry for the glory of God.

Dear children of God! We too forget God’s glory and mighty works by seeing things that what we don’t have and by seeing our faults and lacking. If we give our little in His hands, He will surely multiply it and will be glorified. Increasing and multiplying us not for our blessings for God to be glorified! Yes, God never glorifies in making us mean and simple. He will glorify by increasing and multiplying us.
– Bro. John Sam

Prayer Request:
Pray for let every participants in the Deliverance Fasting Prayer Meeting may be filled with burden per souls and prayer spirit.

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