Daily Devotion – 08.09.2019 (Kids Special)
“The Lord preserves all who love Him, but all the wicked He will destroy.” – Psalm 145:20
Kids, shall we look at the true incident in the Bible? In the captives of Israelites from Jerusalem to Babylon there were youths and one of them was Daniel. Brother Daniel was very good. He kept his trust upon God and walked in His ways. Daily he used to pray without fail. God made Daniel a wise man. Daniel was the chief wise man in Babylon who is wiser than other wise men. One day the king gave the important responsibility to Daniel. So other wise men got envy against Daniel. Though you see the better studying first ranking skillful students, you must not get envy. Children! The envy will one day spoil you. You must destroy the envy first. Do you understand? They thought to destroy Daniel. He was courageous and he did not do any wrong. Nobody can charge or convict him for anything. So, they thought what to do. Daniel desired to please God more than the king. He was the man of pleasing God. So, the wise men of Babylon secretly planned, went to the king, “Greeted long life to the king! You must pass new law/bill. Hereafter they must worship you and pray to you. Those who don’t do so must be thrown prey to the lions” said the wise men of Babylon. The king said ok and passed the unchangeable law in the nation. The king did not know that it was the conspiracy to kill Daniel.
Knowing this law Daniel continued as usual his routine prayer. The Babylon wise men looked through the window and found it good chance and caught Daniel and took him to king, “He did not honor your law. We saw him praying to his God. We want him to be thrown into the lion cage.” The king felt unhappy. Hence the law was unchangeable, so they threw Daniel inside lion cage. The king was unable to sleep. He woke up early morning and went to lion cage and called, “Daniel! Daniel! You daily worshipping your God, did he save you?” And immediately replied, “Yes, O King, God had sent his angels to save me without any spoil” said Daniel. The king was very much pleased and happy. The conspired wise men were thrown into the cage of lions.
Did you hear this, kids! If you seek God truly, like Daniel, God will protect you without any evil nighing you. Thus, if others plot against you evil that evil will be reciprocated to them, forget not.
– Mrs. Jeeva Vijay
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