Daily Devotion – 08.08.2019
“Blessed is the man who endures temptation;… he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him.” – James 1:12
All of us cross the various temptation. In that let us see few of them easily – we jump over them. And without overcoming few of them we suffer. Then, we lament and complain, “God why so much temptation to me?”
If we believe that to them that love him all things work for good, we need not be troubled or worried for anything, because God changes all temptations and troubles that pass through in our life for good. God permits some temptations to bring back the full backslidden and side tracked persons to the right path.
The temptations may come from two persons, one from God and another from Satan. God will not allow temptation beyond our limits. He shows the path to escape the temptation or gives strength to bear the temptation. In the end He will make us as refined gold in the fire and reward the crown of eternity. The next name for Satan is “Tempter”. He who had tempted Jesus Christ, what, will he leave us free? To separate God and us is his aim. We can conquer his temptation with the words of scripture.
You readers of this article are you suffering from temptation? Do you think you will sink into worries due to incurable disease, loss of wealth or things? Don’t be troubled, certainly you won’t sink. The Lord, our God is there to reach you to the everlasting live shore/bank. This I have experienced in my life. When I lost my husband and troubled with 2 daughters future life thoughts, God comforted through his words, leads and hears me till today. He sends all my favor from the heaven in every situation of my life. Once due to electrical leakage there took a fire accident in our house. In that, T.V, refrigerator and all electrical items were burnt to spoil. At that time life of Job came to my mind. Comparing his experience of losses this is nothing, I think. Yet, God changed it for good.
Will you march forward bearing the forth coming temptations in your life?
– Mrs. Buvana Dhanabalan
Prayer Request:
Pray for, may the Lord God anoint every youth participant in Youth Camp.
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