Daily Devotion – 07.11.2019

“Everyone who is called by My name, Whom I have created for My glory; I have formed him, yes I have made him.” – Isaiah 43:7

Packing apart the burden of this world and tarrying and uniting with God in the spiritual walk is a glorious experience.

On that day one flying butterfly had been the cause for my coming out equaled the incident. Its appearance was designed with black stripes on orange color wings. It’s shining on brightness seemed adding color of polishing. It seemed as it was stitched on the thin glass and the evening sun light piercing into the wings seemed beautiful and adding more splendor. Little later the butterfly came and hid behind the Arabian Jasmine plant and returned towards me. It seemed a small girl dressed in the dancing dress hid behind the theater hall screen before focusing in the stage. Every tender shake of it, diligent action in nature and floating in the air, seemed spreading creator’s artful taste to the world peacefully.

I thought of its origin of beginning before forming into butterfly. It might have seemed a black worm/Larva in a dusty bag hanging on the tree will be it’s early stage. Now it had come out as butterfly with patient in the hard situation. In the appointment time as per God’s plan it came out from it’s bondage to a fresh flying butterfly. It is an amazing change. This is His plan. It had learnt and habituated to see it’s talents and skills in the gloving light of God.

Our creator and maker Lord never like your bondage of imprisonment. We must learn to walk run and fly in the glory of God. When, you are given the special skill to fly why you must die as cell larva (warm in the cell). Oh! Youth, do you burry your talents in the mud? Never-ever should do so. Rising up and shining time has come. The open gate is readily waiting for you. Let the name of the Lord be glorified and exalted. Youthful daughter, you are wanted for that God’s ministry. Our father who dresses the butterfly so much and delights in it, will exalt you more is certain.
– Mrs. Amelia Dharmakumar

Prayer Request:
Pray for May the readers of our Motcha Payanam magazine in their life make them grow spiritually

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