Daily Devotion – 07.09.2019
“Oh, how I love Your law! It is my meditation all the day.” – Psalm 119:97
In an “Old Book Exhibition” there were 3 scriptures kept on the table. One of the books seemed brand new and beautiful one. But the other one seemed shrinking and twisted. The third one seemed bigger than the natural one, and folded here and there, rolled and dusted pathetically. These three those were calm, began to speak to each other. Shall we see what they speak?
Bible 1: “My boss/master is very good; see how safely he kept me? On the day of his marriage his wife gave me as gift. But he kept me in the reception room glass show case. He kept me covered to dustless state safely. Today only I came out and now I see the world” said the first Scripture/Bible.
Bible 2: Now the second Bible started to speak, “My master is also very good man. Every week Sunday morning 8 A.M he will murmur that, “I have kept here” and search me hurriedly. After finding me he will hold me towards his chest and go to church. The moment the message is started he will think to open me. Suddenly the sleep will embrace him and he will keep me as a pillow and lean to sleep. So, I am twisted, turned.”
Bible 3: “Why do you hear about my master’s trouble! Every day he will wake before my face. Then he will carry me in his bag to all places. Daily three times he will read me. He will underline the verses. While he reads, if he is convicted in his heart, he will shed tears as drops of garland. When I look, he will rub it on his shirt and the drops will fall on me and often I am brewed with tears and became noodle condition (bulged)” said the 3rd Bible.
Dear Christian friend! In the Day of Judgment what will your Bible testify about your reading the Bible?
– Bro. Joseph
Prayer Request:
Pray for let the readers of small booklets published on youth revival camp may everyone grow in the spiritual life one foot ahead.
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