Daily Devotion 06.11.2019


“…I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands.” – 2 Timothy 1:6


Most of us might have known about the ministry of man of God named Charles Finny. His face will be filled with the presence of God, and divine light thejas.


Once, his travelled train crossed a small town named “Auvuttan”. He saw the town through the window and journeyed with prayer in his heart. That’s all! At that time Holy Spirit descended upon the people of that place. Suddenly they were filled with conviction of sins. The people in the liquor bars and hotels, those who were in drinking party without knowing why, they  knelt down and started to cry with mourning “God we are sinners forgive us.” Thus there were many incidents held in his path of ministry! Charles Finny did not have any necessity to preach! The presence of God in his face was enough to turn the people towards God.


To know the secret power of his ministry, a newspaper reporter followed him to notice him without the knowledge of Charles Finny. When Charles Finny started to pray on kneels privately, the news reporter came to know the secret power of Charles Finny. Yes, the private prayer of Charles Finny, hours together with taking to God/discussing, with heart pouring prayer made the news reporter into astonishment. Reading the scripture, and filling in the spirit of God (Holy Spirit) and pleading in prayer had been his heartful delight. How would not God be without using such praying Godly man? Thus the reporter got the answer for all his questions and doubts and returned on his way.


Children of God, if God had given His power to Charles Finny, will not he provide His power to you? He is not the God of partiality! He is ready to fill everyone who is thirsty. Kindle your prayer with burning fire of Holy Spirit. Twine the thirst of prayer in your nerves. Only on seeing your thirst for souls God will provide the power. Read and see the history of prayer warriors in the Bible. They are not stories but fire coals to awake you lit by God!

  • P. Santhanapandi


Prayer Request:

Pray for speedy building constructions in Gethsemane Campus without lapses and needs to be met for the same.


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