Daily Devotion – 06.10.2019 (Kids Special)

“Honor your father and your mother that your days may be long upon the land…” – Exodus 20:12

Dear darling kids! The gift everybody likes very much! Yes, you are the gift given to your mom and daddy by God. Likewise, your parents are the gifts to the children! Isn’t it! You must love and honor them, ok. Shall we see how Vignesh who did not understand the love of mother got changed?

Vignesh was a very busy boy and very clever in education. Students and teachers liked him. When all helped him, he was a good child. But he did not like his mother, because she had one eye no other eye. He hated more his mother and also looking at her. How delicious his mother cooked and gave him the food and provided the snacks he did not change himself. His mother used to pray for her son. He came as the first student in the school in the 10th standard. His mother was very happy. All the teachers praised Vignesh. They told him to thank his mother for she had suffered a lot to educate. He did not mind them.

One day when his mother was out at that time, he took the books from the alemerah and looked them. In that book there was a certificate. He looked and read it whose it was and got shocked and tears had flown down continuously from his eyes. What news you wish to know? There it was stated about her donation of her eye to her son. He said, “I will not forget my mother’s sacrifice of an eye to me” with tears continuously. The mother returned home. He asked forgiveness from his mother. He told, “You are the gift that Jesus had given me” and embraced her with kiss. The mother was amazed to see him. The mother told, “You too are God given gift” both of them happily thanked Jesus Christ.

Brother, sister you too may be thinking that your parent is not beautiful, not studied, have no money and for whatever things don’t shame them, don’t be disobeying them. Thank God and says, “Jesus I thank for my parent, mother and father for giving them as gift.” Ok.
– Sis. Deborah

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