Daily Devotion – 05.09.2019
“Those who are wise shall shine Like the brightness of the firmament, and those who turn many to righteousness Like the stars forever and ever.” – Daniel 12:3
A king desired to honor the chief citizen of the nation. For this he elected four persons through the held election. To select the one among the four he invited all the members for final selection round. In that the primary one was introduced as a good doctor and through him many were healed on his free medicinal help to the poor. The second person was introduced as a good social worker and through him many poor people’s life from many villages and towns were lifted to high stand. The third man was introduced as a righteous and true good judge delivered justice to the people. Lastly, they introduced a very simple appearance of old woman. In the midst of them of honorable person why that old woman was introduced was the expected question with shrunk foreheads of lines. This old woman was the teacher of those three personalities. She was introduced as the key maker of these three chief personalities, one who had sacrificed her life for them and the great applause broke out.
Today is the Teachers Day. To make one individual to high stand in society the teachers have big part. From the departure partisans of parents or separation from parents; from the small babies to youth boys and youth girls and students to make them as personalities, the teachers have a big important task.
My dear honorable teachers! You may be school teachers or college lecturers. Forget not you are being a salt and light and you are being the sculptor to make, chop student’s nature to sculpture of finished look. Every day you enter not here into the class room; but into the life of students. The scoring marks can’t flourish the life of student is understood by you all. The quality of life in what he lives will voice out who he is.
If you not only open the eyes of education but also if you take small efforts to open their inner sight, the heaven will be happy on you. This you can will certainly do it. So, to make pearls of students, as “Honorable Great men” once again one more time submit them to God and do your work. God will increase your skill and teaching ability and bless them, your students as polished as bar diamonds and shining bright stars of the sky.
– Mrs. Saroja Mohandass
Prayer Request:
Pray for May the born-again teachers do the ministry, evangelism and open gates for the ministry, be opened for the gospel favor.
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