Daily Devotion – 05.08.2019
“See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands;” – Isaiah 49:16
One gospel team did their ministry on delivering the love of God very zealously. One day they decided to take gospel to the hill area hamlet. They got prepared for that. But it started to rain in the morning without stop. The gospel team decided what to do. But hoping God without any backward march they climbed up the mountain.
They reached the village in the midst of wind, rain and slough soil. When they reached the village, none was there outside. It was pitching dark. The servants were confused. Yet, after some songs were sung, the preacher with fervent prayer shared the words of God. Then and there in the midst, he started “He hears, He looks, He knows” continuously. In that dark night in a small hut there was a light seen through a small window. The servants of God prayed and returned to their own places.
In that small hut where the light pierced out, a widow lived. Her child was sick to death condition. The doctor who was called to her house was not present there due to rain. That child cried and rolled on the bed. When the widow was puzzled what do to, she heard that voice, “He hears, He looks, He knows.” The woman, who had already accepted the Lord Jesus as her savior, thought she is far away from God. That word disturbed her doing something in her. She went near the child. She knelt down without her knowledge and prayed with pleadings, “Heavenly father, have mercy upon me, be gracious and save my child and forgive me.”
The child by the next few minutes slept. She also slept. The next day morning the child seemed playing and laughing with good health. The church bell rang. She dusted out her Bible and went to the church with her child. From that day onwards she started to live as the child of God. She shared her testimony in many places. One day this news reached the gospel team. They delighted in the Lord. They continued their gospel work very enthusiastically.
Beloved! Whatever might be your condition God looks…He hears…He knows. Oh! God’s children! Let us be enthusiastic and do the ministry for the Lord!
– Mrs. Gnanajothi Simson
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