Daily Devotion – 04.11.2019

“Have you entered the treasury of snow, or have you seen the treasury of hail,” – Job 38:22

Just like the rain falls in the time of rainy season (spring), in the provinces of more winter season Nations; snow fall is more. White drops shape like snow was not taken into much research analysis. But in 1865 born, Wilson Bentley, the above said verse started to stir and prick him more. There was an astonishment waited for Wilson Bentley who looked the frozen ice/snow through microscope from his house. Every snow drop explained a skillful artifice of beautiful shape. Especially one never seemed same like the other, was very much surprising.

To reveal the beautiful glorious creation of God to this world, Bentley what he had seen through the microscope he began to draw as a picture. For him to draw as picture about 300 snow drops seemed a big challenge, because they started to melt quickly before drawing one snow spicy. So, he learnt the hard art of specializing the photography of the snow drop. Having strived in the winter cold he had taken more than 5000 photographs. To the un-seeners of this miracle photos, it gave the embarrassment, when they happen to see the pictures. The scientists started to analyze about it. The drawing masters’ painters, artists and craftsmen in jewelry and dress designers and many others bought his snow drop photos. Though Bentley did not avail a big earning he got a big satisfaction. The result of his research was “Just a man is unlike the other one, frozen snow drop is unlike the other” is the true message.

Dear ones! God, who created every snow drop differently to one another, has created differently to one another the man with individual identity to be thought over. Many times, without realizing that we compare with others with worries that if we are beautiful like the other person and rich like others it will be fine. As per Psalm 139:16, David writes in the verse, “Your eyes saw my substance,” Yes, God has created every one of us with individuality. The truth that we are bound by the grace of loving God gives big delivery and gives the maturity of accepting our self as we are. Hallelujah!
– J. Santosh

Prayer Request:
Pray for the sound health of our children in the Children Home and for their studies.

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