Daily Devotion – 04.09.2019
“…if he (brother) repents, forgive him.” – Luke 17:3
Taking a person to the hospital one who is caught in an accident is more essential. But before that, stopping the blood oozing out from the body is the primary essential first aid. In our spiritual life accidents and wounds may happen. Occasionally we get wounded for the un-existing blames for un- existing things. When it happens to us through the believer friends we are deeply wounded. For such mind-full wounds the first aid is more essential. Let us see below as follows how it is.
1. Be Quiet: When you are wounded without thinking for which if you talk pervasively and immediately with fretting that will deepen your wounds and won’t heal it. “Be still, and know that I am God”
2. Press holds your wounds: When you press hold the injury the oozing out blood will be stopped. Thus when we are wounded by heart and mind, if we analyze ourselves and understand for what he had wounded and in which situation he had talked so, if I had been in that place how I would have reacted we will be in peace.
3. Wash with wounds: Wash your wounds nice through patience. The filthy fretting revengefulness will worsen to puss condition. So be patient.
4. Apply the palm: Apply the palm of love generously over the wounds covered by palm. That will protect you from the attack of bitterness.
5. Dress your wounds: Dress your wounds of heart through forgiveness bandage cloth. It will help not to look after until it is healed.
6. Don’t pluck out the outer layer of skin: If you do so the wounds will be enlarged to big size and look horrible without cure. Thus, when we think the wounds of heart repeatedly and confess them to with criticism, the wounds will be enlarged to horribleness.
7. Take medication: Take the God’s words as medications for every time and accept it with prayer. This will reduce the pains and heal the wounds speedily.
8. Contact the Physician: Have close link with chief doctor Jesus Christ, your wounds will disappear.
When the wounded persons ask for apology accept him or and love even when they don’t ask forgiveness and have unity and then the wounds will disappear without any scar.
You wounded! Try this first aid.
– George Verver
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