Daily Devotion – 04.08.2019 (Kids Special)
“Give me understanding, and I shall keep Your law; Indeed, I shall observe it with my whole heart.” – Psalm 119:34
Left…Right…Left…Right… sound heard. It was army training in the Barracks. In this military, James had served for many years and had victory wonderfully. Even in the times of troubles he used to act wisely. He was retired and came to his own village/place. The neighbors and relatives used to invite for dinner. They will ask him to tell the incidents that happened during his service and on hearing him they will wonder.
One day when James Sir was dining in his friend’s house, his friend asked him, “You have battled many wars and won them. Which one is bigger one?” On hearing this James laughed. “The greater victory that I had got is unforgettable in my life than the victory I had in the battle field.” said James. His friend eagerly asked, “What is that victory, tell me James?” “While I was studying in school I stayed in student’s hostel. Every day I used to read the scripture and then study my lessons. I used to pray before going to school after returning from school. While I used to read the scripture most of the students used to mock me. And some used to scorn and wound my heart. Result to their habit I used to think to stop reading the scripture. But I never failed to read the Bible and never forgot to pray. When I scored the good marks in my studies all the students those who mocked me were ashamed. Thinking that this James gets good marks is the result of his prayer and Bible reading; they all started to pray and read Bible. This is the biggest victory in my life.” said Sir James. All the members in the house were silent. In them, the desire to read the Bible and pray started to stirrup in their hearts.
Brother, sisters, how are you? Will all of you read the Bible and pray? Whoever mocks, no matter, I shall not discontinue/stop reading the Bible and praying like Sir James firmly, if you too don’t forget reading the Bible and praying you can certainly live victoriously.
– Mrs. Jeeva Vijay
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