Daily Devotion – 03.10.2019
“…You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over.” – Psalm 23:5
“My cup runs over” there were the words that had spoken / bursted out from the depth of the heart of David. God anointed the shepherd David as king in the midst of his brothers. This 23rd chapter of Psalm is fondly read by all ages of people. He recalls my vessel, as his heart overwhelming in the love of God.
David’s heart had been the over flowing vessel. Thus, means we can know there are various vessels in the heart of men as empty vessel, half-filled vessel and filled vessel. 1. To have ready heart always. No peace, no good health, no restfulness…. are with such emptiness bearing vessel. 2. Having somehow, we live, are called unsatisfied, half-filled vessel. 3. The filled vessels will have enough anointments strength and power; but they don’t bring any blessings to others. 4. The filled overwhelming vessel is equaled to King David and Joseph the dreamer.
God raised the shepherd of small number of cattle and forsaken by family as the king. His reign was too remarkable to be graven as the golden rule of the history of his period in golden letters. Through him whole nation was blessed. Our God blessed not by least, but by full abundantly. When Joseph was sold as a slave to Egypt, he was an empty vessel. When God exalted him in Egypt his vessel overwhelmed, it made the Egypt to seek him and the castle became the grain storage of Egypt in surplus.
Dear ones! How is your heart and life? Of course, you are empty? In those days the boat of Peter and net was empty. But when Peter offered his boat to Jesus Christ, his boat was filled with fish in the net to un-bear the load of fish to worn out condition in surplus. Just commit yourself as you are, in the hand of God. God will bless you and make a channel of blessings to others. You will provide loans to many and you will not borrow. As per this verse may God bless and change you in this new month as a vessel surplus flowing.
– Mrs. Irin Walker
Prayer Request:
Pray for through this month of Motcha Payanam magazine many will grow spiritually and in truth.
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