Daily Devotion – 03.08.2019
“This also comes from the Lord of hosts, Who is wonderful in counsel and excellent in guidance.” – Isaiah 28:29
In the Florence Cathedral Church campus of Italy there was one old marble stone. The church administrators to make use of that marble stone they approached a sculptor. The sculptor noticed the marble stone and came to a conclusion. He asked few days time for his start of work, and then started his craftsmanship on that rough hard stone and formed/carved a beautiful statue. On the opening ceremony it appeared to be 18 feet high beautiful youth shepherd David. To this sculptor Angelo, his student remarked thus, “Sir, there is only one thing lacking! No speech.” Yes, that statue was so much lively.
Yes, we read about the craftsmanship of that sculptor who had carved the statue of David. Thus, our prime sculptor Lord Jesus Christ is powerful to make the discarded, those who are declared to be unfits to anything to change as special. “He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the beggar from the ash heap” (1Sam.2:8) we read in the Bible. The stone which the builders had refused and cast out had become chief stone to the corner is also read by us.
Don’t sink yourself into inferiority complex, that I don’t have skill and I am not fit for anything. He that calls the nothing to something and created all things from nothing The Almighty God can do glorious things in your life by your faith. Jesus is powerful and able to change your inability to ability, strength and your lacking to abundance. Learn to rely upon God in your weakness. Our God is ready to make you as skillful and special. Amen.
– P. Jacob Sankar
Prayer Request:
Pray for May the Lord provide 20,000 participants of Youths in the Tirunelveli Youth Revival Camp.
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