Daily Devotion 02.10.2019

“And whoever of you desires to be first shall be slave of all.” – Mark 10:44

In today’s Book World the exposed and published title books are in the leadership. Most of the people desire the leadership quality is the reason for the most choice.  Those books teach us quality, governorship, active skill and administrative so, on. Henri Nouwen the professor in university writes about leadership quality. “How many of the people consider you are important? Is not the question; but it is whether your labor is useful to others, is the question. Look at Jesus. Instead of His leadership being upon the people, He regularly went afterwards the people and did service well. Doing the service to people was Jesus primary quality as leadership than administrating the people” says Henri Nouwen.

When Stanly Jones states, he says, “Extracting and executing 200 persons to work is not a great man, he who submits/commits to serve for the 200 persons is the great man.” In today’s meditation for scripture we read Jesus Christ’s humility of washing the legs and rubbing their feet. Washing others leg is not the matter, but touching others legs and doing the service of humility in heart matters the maturity is the thing of theme. If you wish to be in leadership state you must have, “More humility” and nature of simplicity in you. This is the theme that the scripture teaches us.

Today there is famine had struck to non-leadership quality acquired state says George Verver. I don’t say there are no people for that, but they are not qualified in skills for the same is the painful things.  For the spiritual leadership quality Jesus Christ is the model. Let us follow His footsteps. And let us submit our self to serve others after having understood identify for leadership and individuality.

  • Jacob Sankar


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