Daily Devotion 02.09.2019


“Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not.” – Lamentations 3:22


Have you anytime thought about your body? Have you meditated God’s astonishment work about the body?


Generally, when we are injured in our body we cry, it pains.  When we are hungry, we tell, I am hungry and serve the meals. Except this we don’t think about anything important than this. Shall we look at such many un-thought able things today?


Generally, and regularly we breathe 1050 times in an hour.  In a day we breathe more than 25,000 times; day and night the lungs function as machine. God has made it naturally without our self-efforts.  If we fail to breathe continuously for 10 minutes the death will be certain.  Our 25,000 breathe are in the hands of God.


Heart:  The blood circulates too many parts of the body from here.  The regular expanding and shrinking heart, if it fails to work for some cause, the blood circulation to the brain will be blocked. Then what will happen? If the ordering brain to all organs is defected to functionless condition, will the organs operate?


Yes, dear ones! What we breathe now and our physical organs operates properly all is God’s grace.  Hence our bodily organs function properly, we never used to think about that, nor we thank God for this.  One day, you pay a visit to the hospital and see the people’s suffering with one organ not being operated properly through your comforting words and you will find their sufferings.  Then you can’t be thanking God for your good functioning organs. In your time if you thank God for your bodily organs, it will take 5 minutes prayer time of yours.


We sleep and awake and do the works and again we go to sleep by night.  This is God’s pure grace. Our breathe and heart beat is in the hands of God.  He has provided it for us on his mercy and kindness.  So, decide to live for Christ as long as you live in the world.  That is thanks giving offering to God.

  • Jeba Davidganesan


Prayer Request:

Pray for May the grace of God and hand of God lead upon this (September) whole month ministries.


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