Daily Devotion – 02.08.2019
“Woe to you when all men speak well of you…” – Luke 6:26
In this world there is no one without desiring the popularity. At the same time, we must understand one thing; that is, in this world when we live with money, position and grades of qualification all will praise us. When all those things fade, our popularity will also go from us. For this I wish to remind you one thing that the world known one incident.
A famous actor Arnold gradually progressed in his action character in holly wood and became the Governor of California. When he was in the peak of fame, he went for open ceremony of a luxurious hotel where his statue on bronze was fixed on the entrance. In the ceremony the owner of the hotel looking Arnold said, “You can at any time without any reservation stay here freely. For you one room will be kept always ready.” After few months Arnold’s governor post left out of him and the fame also faded from him. Later when Arnold went as an ordinary man, there one shock was ready. The hotel administration told that all the rooms were fully reserved and full. And there was no room. Arnold was the Ex-Hollywood hero, Ex-Governor of California and he was Ex-VIP who opened that hotel on the opening ceremony day, was heartbroken went with bed sheet to the entrance of the hotel where his bronze statue stood and he laid below it. Arnold took the photography of this scene and published in the website and told a message to this world.
“When we are in position, we will be more praised and honored with popularity. But when we lose our position and popularity in the very next second we will be discarded and kept aside. The promises given to us will be flown in the air. No truths, no promises (oaths) are given for you, but to decorate your position” stated Arnold.
From this what we have to know is not to keep your hope, mind and heart on the amount of money you earned, or position and grades of qualification you got and the fame you acquired, but to keep your eyes upon the all provided God. Let God be the first and prime one in your life without the fame or fall affecting you.
– P. Steve Matthew
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