Daily Devotion – 01.11.2019

“Now behold, there was a man named Joseph…a good and just man.” – Luke 23:50

The only disciple who is unforgettably mentioned by the authors of four gospels is Joseph of Arimathea. He was not among the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ. But he followed Jesus Christ secretly. Though he was honest, just and righteous he was not spoken much in the scripture what he had accomplished one important bold thing is being spoken. That is he descended the crucified body of Christ from the cross with the permission of Pilate, and kept the body in his belonging graveyard. Shall we meditate a little more about him?

Secret Disciple: While Jesus Christ was alive he was the secret disciple. When Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross he came forward as an open disciple with boldness to do something for Jesus Christ. At that time when all the disciples ran away when Jesus Christ was crucified, he went boldly to Pilate. We too may be holding our faith very secretly for some cause/thing. But for the fulfillment of God’s will if your faith has to be revealed out boldly confess your faith. God will provide you the boldness that was given to the friends of Daniel before the burning furnace.

He who waited for the Kingdom of God: He waited for the kingdom of God. Now-a-days we seek and speak about the things and benefits of this world. But we live with carelessness and thoughtlessness about the Kingdom of God. But we spell the Lord’s Prayer with lips alone daily. When His kingdom come are, we ready to face and receive to face and receive him? And making others ready for it? Get ready and make ready (Ezekiel 38:7) verse be in our wind without any fading.

Gave what he had: Joseph of Arimathea gave his own graveyard for the burial of body of Jesus Christ. Suppose if he had for himself it would have been unrecognized and unknown thing. Because he had given his own graveyard for Jesus Christ it is being an “Open tomb” of graveyard for the astonishment for the spectators of this tomb even today from all over the world. You may too give (give your own time, talent, treasure) for Jesus Christ and then you will see the great miracle.
– Mrs. Jeba Davidganesan

Prayer Request:
Pray for May the Hand of God be upon this month scheduled all types of ministries and for the openings of new gates.

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