Daily Devotion – 01.10.2019
“Blessed is she who believed, for there will be a fulfillment of those things which were told her from the Lord.” – Luke 1:45
It is my habit of claiming the promise of God from the beginning of the year. In 1995 on January 1st God gave me promise, “I will be with you.” I daily confessed the promise to God and prayed. In the month of May as relatives together we had been to mountainous resort place in Andhra Pradesh. In climax of the mountain there was a cement footpath in that place. Around that cement path we walked around four sides of the hill. During the night hours spectating the sceneries of the villages’ that are in the bottom of the mountain will seem joyful.
I and my sister on that night we were walking on the footpath. Hence there were lamps of lights fixed on the path, it seemed like a day. But I had a fear from that day morning onwards in my heart. I confessed the promise of God and walked through the path. Suddenly one thing dashed my leg and passed swiftly between my two legs. I got puzzled in my heart and turned back. One black Indian cobra crossed me raising open it’s hood. When the workers in the field chased it to struck it, the Indian cobra moved raising its hood dashing me but without biting me were amazed to see this. Yes, our God is great, nothing will hurt the children those who believe God.
Dear ones! He who had promised is unchanging. In the ancient’s days God spoke to Abraham he would multiply his descendants as sands of sea. Abraham trusted God and His word in the impossible situations. The miracle happened! Have you forgotten the promise of God he gave in the beginning of the year? Read that promise and renew it and trust it. Pray daily confessing the promise of God. You will see the promise getting fulfilled. Will our God remain without fulfilling it? What he had told is told! He is the God of truth He never tells lie. He is not a man to get changed! So, start every day trusting his promise. You will see the miracles and wonders every day.
– Mrs. Geetha Richard
Prayer Request:
Pray for May the Lord provide big harvest through the ministries that are getting held throughout this month.
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