Daily Devotion – 01.09.2019 (Kids Special)
“…the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up…” – James 5:15
In a poor family the father is a driver. Mother is a house servant who did the domestic works. They had two children named Kala and Kathir. With a thought that they were not educated and at least their children to be educated was their desire and educated them in a good school. Hence it was a Christian school they taught daily about Jesus Christ.
The auto driver- father was a horrible drunkard. He did not hear the advice of the wife and children. The daughter Kala prayed continuously for the change of his father’s drunkenness. One day night suddenly her father got a breathing trouble! Hence it was a mid-night; Kala applied the balm to her father and tried her known means. Doing to the impossible extent they sent her father lastly to the hospital. Seeing her father’s condition, the doctors sent him to the central hospital. There they took ECG, X-ray and reported him that he was having block in his heart. He had to be immediately done operation and for that the expenditure would be rupees three lakhs. Her family was poor and they did not have money! They did not know what to do.
Kala everyday prayed on knees at the corner of her house. She prayed, “Jesus! Heal our father. We want our father” with tears was noticed by her parent. They borrowed and made arrangements of money. Some elders began to tell them that “If he is not healed after being spent all this borrowed amount the family will be led to troubles. So do things seeing the astrology and astrologer.” told the elders. Seeing astrology, they stated he would not survive. The house was filled with tears! But Kala was full of confident. She reported her mother that, “Jesus will certainly give healing.” The mother was filled with unrealizable hope in her. “Jesus, if you heal my husband as a gift of life as a family, we will worship you” with firm decision in her heart, they went to hospital.
The operation was completed in a fine manner. The father was healed. They went straight to church from the hospital and thanked God. The entire amount they had spent was too restored to them from the government. After wards the father had left all his bad habits and started to drive auto for earning. Now he shares the gospel to customers and people travel in his auto. Kala and Kathir studies very well.
Dear brother and sister! Do you think that, “I am a small child and what can I do?” Pray for the things of your family. God shall hear your prayer and accomplish miracle. Your family will be changed as blessing.
– Sis. Deborah
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