“Arise, cry out in the night, at the beginning of the watches; pour out your heart like water before the face of the Lord…” Lamentations 2:19

There was a church in the place East gate in South Korea. One missionary from London was invited for preaching. He has to give sermon at 5 A.M. As he was ready to go and opened the door and chill weather, cold air, blew into the house. He thought “Who will come in this chill weather” so he thought “I will go little late.” Yet he decided to go to the church in time. As he entered the church he found 3000 members were praying on kneels. Thus, the South Korean church (revival) grew by the praying warriors and extended the church. Now there is the biggest church in South Korea, accommodating of 8 Lakhs of people/congregation. For these praying cells in the houses played major role for the growth of church. Mostly women took the most of the important participations.

We are living in the spiritual war time in India. So, prayer is the most important one. Praying church is the victorious one. Faith is must. Indoor prayers, private prayers, secret place prayers will be outdoor victory. Prayer meeting is strengthening place for the churches. The participants decrease for these meetings is worrying someone. More time for prayer in the prayer meeting should be given and scheduled.

Dear ones! For this generation if revival should blast out, prayer among the children of God is strictly needed, faith is mostly needed, consecration and purification are mostly needed and obedience is first needed. Then only fire of revival will consume/spread the Nation and nobody can block or stop it by any means, by any laws, by any authority. If we have to see such revival our knees must bow down first in prayers. Efforts may fail, but kneels at down won’t fail.

-Lamentations 2:19

-By David Thavamani

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